Base Aircraft Technician Cover Letter

Aircraft Mechanic Cover Letter

There are different job sub types in the field of Aircraft Mechanics and every job has its specialization, because the field of Aircraft Mechanism is too large and people here have to be educated and smart enough to handle challenging job responsibilities. The job of the Aircraft Mechanic is to inspect the aircrafts and their parts, and carry out maintenance and repairs accordingly. Every aircraft has a periodic maintenance cycle and the repairs for various aircrafts are carried out as per the designed schedules. The jobs of Aircraft Mechanics include, monitoring the operation of the aircraft, diagnosing mechanical problems, repairing faulty parts and carrying out trial flights of the aircrafts and much more.

The Aircraft Mechanics work under adverse conditions, and they have to remain posed under circumstances of extreme pressures too. The jobs performed by Aircraft Mechanics are highly refined and it is mandatory for them to undertake safety measures of all types. The qualifications required for Aircraft Mechanics are high, and they should possess excellent English speaking skills. Apart from this, they are also required to carry the required certifications for working on the aircrafts. A minimum number of class hours are required to be completed by the Aircraft Engineers, and they have to attend certain mandatory programs related to aircrafts.

For those who wish to apply for the post of Aircraft Mechanics, should possess the right degrees and work experience is considered as an added advantage. For those who do not have the required experience, the skills and accomplishments can be included as emphasizing points in the cover letter.

Sample cover letter by an experienced candidate:

Bruce Wayne,
32 S Riverview,
14 Three Elms field,
Garby Stourling, GN
(314) 555-5286.
22nd September 2011

Clark Kent,
HR Manager, XYZ, Inc.,
4 Tiverton Lane,
London SW,
(512) 555-3909.

Dear Mr. Kent,

Your job posting on for an Aircraft Mechanic caught my eye. I am interested in applying for this position, and would like to undertake the responsibilities of an Aircraft Mechanic.

I have enclosed my resume to give you the overview of my training and experience for the last five years. Recently I have gained three years of experience at Granger Air Base, working as an aircraft mechanic. I have also completed a six-month professional course from FAA, as an FAA Certified Aircraft Mechanic. The skills which I have mastered over the last five years include repairing and maintaining aircrafts, conducting tests, installing equipment, and controlling operations which would ensure comfort and safety for flight passengers and crews alike.

For discussing the concerned job further, that you are going to offer and to verify, if I can meet your requirements, please give me call at (314) 555-5286, so that we can set up a date and time suitable for you. I appreciate the opportunity to work with your organization.

Bruce Wayne.

Enclosure: Resume.

Sample cover letter by an inexperienced candidate:

Mr. Danny Trunk
57, Olive Grove Avenue,
NV 000 222
Email id:

Mr. Greg Whitney.
Commander in chief
Arizona Airspace Ltd.
AZ 2223 2221
Email id:

Dear Mr. Whitney,

I am indeed happy to note that you require a Trainee Aircraft Mechanic to work in your reputed company. I came across your advertisement in the daily newspaper, "News Daily". I am a graduate in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in aviation. I have acquired a gold medal in the aviation subjects, and am on the look out for the appropriate job. I have been passionate about aircrafts, and have undergone official training as a private pilot. It has been my hobby to fly planes, and I have also been interested in aircrafts, right from my childhood.

Yours is a renowned company and I will surely feel fortunate to get this opportunity to work with you. I have had an excellent career throughout, and would like to discuss my resume in detail with you.

Kindly let me know the feasible time for a meeting. You can send me an email on the above mentioned id. I am thankful to you for reading my letter and resume too.

Awaiting your reply,


Mr. Danny Trunk

Enclosure: Resume.

Aircraft manager cover letter should be outstanding for the applicant who drafts it with all the rules and regulations. You can refer to the sample of airline pilot cover letter if you wish to enter field of airline. Also, Check out Sample of flight dispatcher cover letter and corporate pilot cover letter writing tips to make career in airline.

Avionics Technician Cover Letter

Avionics or aviation electronics are systems that are essential in a modern aircraft. Avionics technicians install maintain and repair these systems of aircraft. The technician handles communication, navigation, flight control and life support functions which ranges from air pressurization to lighting. Writing an effective and prominent avionics technician cover letter may help you land that job in many reputed branches.

Avionics technician related jobs are intense and a lot of competition is involved for getting a job in the right place. This sample avionics technician cover letter is with some basic elements is sure to impress the potential employer.

Before you have a look on the samples follow up some important tips and instructions mentioned below:

  • The cover letter should be maximum one page length and it is not necessary to go over the accomplishments in a minute detail. Simply focus on your essential skills and responsibilities.
  • The letter should start with a proper header and in a block of information mention your name and contact details
  • The first paragraph is extremely important as it has to give the reader the reason to continue reading. Also if you are referred by someone, then do mention the name of the person concerned in this paragraph.
  • The body of the letter should point out concrete examples of your responsibilities and accomplishments. The body of the letter should not be more than two paragraphs. You can include bullets if there is a necessity.
  • In the final part of the letter mention how interested you are to work with the company and if there is a need then you could mention your qualifications as a reminder.

The cover letter for avionics technician can be a great opportunity for the applicant to focus on the experience which is specialized in repairing the aircraft navigation and other communications systems.

Mickey Williams
545 Hilton Street
Town, USA 6789
Home (121) 456278205
Cell (89299-1229)

March 14, 2011

Mr. Mark Gilchrist
Aerospace avionics group
4567 Locust Court
Anaheim, CA 5789

Objective: For the position of avionics technician

Dear Mr. Gilchrist,

Your posting on (mention the website) seeking for avionics technician have made me write this letter. I want to apply for the post as I answer all the requirements that you have mention in your ad and have enclosed my resume with this letter.

My ten years of experience as an avionics technician at (mention the name of your previous company) have made extremely talented and well caliber. I have gained a considerable experience in testing, analysis and repair of all aircraft engines and other equipment and materials. I am well aware of what goes inside radio, navigation, missile and the radar systems. I love my job and I am ever ready to learn new stuffs and teach what I know with others. I work fast and have a highly technical mind.

If you would like to hear more about my career details and qualifications, please call me at (contact details) and please consider me at your convenience. I look forward to hear from you as soon as possible.


- Mickey Williams

Enclosure:resume, experience certificates and salary slips

With these sample avionics technician cover letter you can make a good and impressive cover letter. Make sure whatever details and information you wrote in the letter are clear and correct.

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