Hesi A2 V-1 With Critical Thinking Exam

Hello all,

I had just taken the HESI a2 earlier today and can't say in overly excited about my score but am happy the studying paid off. I too score 86% overall taking all nine sections of Reading, Vocab, Grammar, Math, Chem, Bio, and A&P along with learning style and personality??? Can't remember but those last two weren't really graded for my school, just used to determine who and how we are as a student.

I was so nervous about this test but actually the last few days leading to test day, I relaxed, reviewed my study notes and meditated. The exam wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. They were pretty basic questions especially when comparing to the TEAS. Sadly my worst subject which ironically was the section I studied the most in, was anatomy and physiology. Everything else went terrific with three scores in 80s and other three sections in 90s.

My cumulative GPA is 3.7 but I'm nervous my HESI score isn't too competitive enough.

Tips I'd give is use two study guides. I never used the assessment review by Evolve. I had used Mometrix Secrets which I liked explained everything with examples and brief (may seem wordy, but there's no fluff) and I used a red and white A2 assessment study guide book. All I did was do a practice test without studying first to see what I needed to focus on and go on from there.

Reading is basic: know inference, what the author implies, main idea, topic, conclusion.

Grammar: independent, dependent clauses, adverb, know what words don't go in a sentence, there, their, they're, two to too, etc.

Vocab: not sure what words are in Elsevier evolve study guide but what was in Mometrix was pretty good in test, I also used other sources like Pocket Prep HESI a2 app for $13. And a free website: Learning Definitions, Word Definitions Test hesi a2
And I believe websites like testguide. But I always been an avid reader so it helped !!

Math: tons of ratios, cross multiplication, percentages, conversions (remember all), fractions in add, subtract, multiply and divide. There's a calculator provided on computer but it was rather annoying hearing the clicking. I like using scratch paper.

Bio Chem: no periodic table needed, just know basics like what are gases, metals etc. Oxidation numbers, isotopes, atomic mass, proton, neutron, electron, valence biology is messed mitosis, cellular respiration, chromosomes haploid diploid, cell structure definitions, membrane types, what kinds of microbes are prokaryotic etc surprisingly I worried of chemistry but I did really well!

A&P: muscles, bones, respiration, joints, and especially brain like hypothalamus, respiration centers, all I can say is review in depth with this one. Know all systems and generalize in your own words from past notes or a book that will explain the systems easily for you to understand. My study guides were cool but I felt I needed more info.

Overall try Google, quizlet, practice tests and YouTube is your friend.

HESI A2: Don't stress- tips from a recent test taker!

by twolittleleaves
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  1. 43 For months, I stalled before scheduling up my exam date. Since I graduated college 5 years ago, I was pretty concerned about being out of practice academically. I ate many "anxiety cookies" in the days leading up to the test.

    Yesterday, I finally took my HESI exam and I couldn't wait to post some tips for future test takers! Here are my scores along with some things I wish I would have known:

    General study tips:
    • Stay far, far away from the Mometrix study guide and practice tests; They're ridden with mistakes and contain excessive information not indicative of what you'll see on the actual exam.
    • McGraw Hill's practice exam booklet is a great way to familiarize yourself with the test format.
    • By far, the best study guide book is by Elsevier, the company that makes the HESI A2. Buy it, read it and take the practice questions. The guide shows you exactly what you need to study for the exam. The only section I would recommend doing additional studying for is the A&P section

    Math: 98%
    Basic, basic math. You also get a simple calculator on the exam, which is wonderful! Know your conversations (temperature, metric, etc.) and be very comfortable working with ratios and fractions.

    Reading Comprehension: 92%
    Practice exams hugely helped prepare me for this section. During the test, make sure you read through the passage first and understand exactly what a question is asking before selecting an answer. To be safe, on most questions I wrote out "ABCD" on my scratch paper and went through the passage marking each wrong answer as I read to ensure I chose the correct answer and didn't rush through the question.
    Vocabulary: 98%
    Whoah there- did anyone purchase the Mometrix HESI A2 study guide? If you haven't: Stay away! If you have: Put it down and breathe a sigh of relief. The book contains a hefty list of medical terminology. I memorized everything from hepatosalpinx to carbuncle and not a single word I learned was even close to the content on the exam. For the vocabulary section, focus on general vocabulary. I'd say most of the content consists of words commonly used in everyday academia.

    A&P: 84%
    I way, way overstudied for A&P, so it's unfortunate I achieved my lowest score on this section. Two weeks before the exam, I pored over the minutia of each chapter of my past anatomy textbook. Unfortunately, I focused on accumulating a knowledge of many details and skimmed general concepts, figuring this information was "too easy" for the exam. Wrong choice. When you're studying for the HESI A2 A&P section, focus on broad, general concepts (hormones, cellular transport, general anatomy, etc.) and don't get bogged down with the little details. I used the following site to brush up on my anatomy: Anatomy & Physiology Class Website. Excellent organization of information! Again, don't focus on the little details.

    Grammar: 98%
    Studying for this section concerned me. Whereas I know the rules of grammar, the last time I learned the technical terms for grammar rules (indirect object, weak clause, etc.) was years ago. Luckily, the exam didn't focus on identifying parts of a sentence via technical terms. I used the following site to test myself on grammar knowledge after studying and it was really helpful: Grammar Quizzes

    Critical Thinking: 940/1000
    This section is not included in any of the available HESI A2 study guides, so I was nervous to take it. The Critical Thinking section provides you with a variety of different situations you could encounter as a nurse and asks how you would respond in a given situation. My advice... before answering a question:
    • Identify the most urgent problem
    • Select the best response for treating the specific problem

    Hope this information helps someone! Overall, the test was much less intense than I expected, so don't stress yourself out too much. Happy to answer any questions!
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  3. Jan 1, '15 by RescueNinja123
    Thank you so much for all this information.
  4. Hi. Thank you for your tipsT I will be taking the HESI soon and I was wondering if there were story problems in the math portion?
  5. So glad to hear it's helpful. Good luck, all!

    Karen1357, I had several word problems in the math portion, but the overwhelming majority of questions I received were straight forward math (e.g. "3:4::x:100, solve for x" or "4.235/3.44"). Best of luck!
  6. Thank you so much for this post! I have studied the ELSEVIER Edition 3 review book for about a month and decided to take some practice tests online and totally freaked because they were so hard and specific! I feel very confident after seeing your post and recommend everyone to buy the ELSEVIER book to study with. Really I cannot tell you how relieved I am after reading your info. Thanks so much for sharing! I take my test in 6 days!
  7. Jan 5, '15 by ilovemia112507
    I am scheduled to take my exam tomorrow morning. The grammar section has me very worried. It's been a very long time since i learned all the rules

    Do you know if the vocab, grammar, and reading comp sections get added together to count as one single score?
  8. No problem, Kierstan! Happy to help and good luck on your upcoming exam! If you're studying from the Elsevier book, you'll do great. The practice exams online and in some of the other study guides are definitely not indicative of questions on the actual exam. Sheesh!

    Happy new year. :-)
  9. Hi there, ilovemia112507! Sorry I didn't see this post sooner. I'm sure you figured it out, but the Vocabulary, Grammar and Reading sections are scored separately. Hope your test went well and happy new year!
  10. Thanks for these tips. I just applied for the LPN to RN Program and have already been stressing over HESI Exams!
  11. Jan 11, '15 by twolittleleaves
    You're welcome, rmaddox! Good luck on your exam. You'll be golden if you study the Elsevier book. :-)
  12. Hi was there a lot of fill in the blanks for math
  13. Hi there,
    I appreciate all of the tips! Did you take the LPN or RN HESI?
  14. I am studying for the Hesi test and I am so nervous I am hoping to get into the fall 2015. I have read the elsevier book but I feel like that is too easy just to study from there. I will be taking the test thursday. Any advice? PLEASE HELP!!
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